Almighty 360 All Pipes Profiles Plasma And Flame Cutting Mac

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Almighty Steel Pipes Beams Production Line

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Almighty 360 All Pipes Profiles Plasma And Flame Cutting Machine

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Provide fully automatic loading/unloading systems, feed-in/out systems, achieve holes of beam profiles drilling process in three face position, Widely used in steel buildings, steel bridges, towers, space frame structures etc. Compatible with steel structures software–TEKLA software. One key generate processing information–G code.


H beam, I beam 100-600mm
Angle steel 100-400mm
Channel steel 100-400mm
Round pipe 60-600mm
Square tube 100-400mm
Cutting method Plasma/flame
Effective cutting length 12000mm
Cutting length deviation ±1.5mm
Work piece cutting process Fixed-length straight cut, fixed-length inclined cutting and end socket function.
Plasma power Hypertherm
Flame cutting thickness 6-60mm vertical
Control system control system
Computer Taiwan Advantech Industrial Computer
Driving motor Servo motor
Software Pipe Nest software
Load 3.5t
Weight and size
Size Can be customized according to your factory space
Shipping 40ft container
Weight 10t
Working condition
Working pressure of compressed gas Above 7mpa
Require gas flow of plasma 4500L/H
Working environment Ventilation ,no concussion
The acceptable temperature around -20℃ -50℃
Voltage Machine :220/380V ,50/60HZ
Power wattage 5KW
Types of gas Plasma :Air
Flame :Oxygen+Acetylene /propane


1. All-round 360 production line cutting group stop workflow, enabling automatic tube feeding, automatic feed, automatic cutting, automatic transmission operation.
2. Using our Nesting programming system as a major programming tool, the software programming platform AUTOCAD basic, simple, graphical and intuitive, feature-rich, it can greatly improve operational efficiency.
3.High-end three-dimensional flexible robotic cutting applications, to achieve bevel cutting function, the pipe and the torch using the servo positioning function .

System Advantages

1. 3D intersection image
2. Dynamic cutting simulation
3. Fast auto positioning, pause, accelerating, decelerating
4. Original track return
5. Automatic alarm display and automatic diagnosis
6. Online and outline programming
7. U disk interface available

Our Services

1. Two years warranty, free maintenance throughout service time. If Spare parts are broken, maintenance or replacing of new parts are free.
2. Free technical support through email, telephone, online chat tools such as Teamviewer.
Teamviewer is our remote assistance application that allows our engineer to help solve your technical query.

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