H Beam Marking Machine

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H Beam Marking Machine,i beam marking machine

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H Beam Marking Machine

Brief Introduction

The multi axis linkage control system combines with the C type manipulator and intelligent logistics transportation which our company has developed independently,reliazing the full position marking of the profile auxiliary line, the reinforcing plate,the weld line,the part number and the profile.It solved manual errors

H beam intelligent marking robot includes a three-sided marking unit, a web bottom marking unit, roller frame, feeding-in trolley and trolley track, finished workpiece receiving table.
It is conveyed to the cutting station through conveying roller, and two sets of marking units are used to mark the welding positions and part numbers of the four sides of h beam, to realize the intelligent marking and processing equipment for h beam.
Length of the machine: The total length of the cutting unit is 28000mm, of which the length of the cutting station is 2000mm, and the feed conveyor roller is 14000mm, which guarantees that the maximum raw material to be cut is 12000mm.

Technical Parameter

Item Parameter
H Beam 100mm-600mm
Cutting method Dedicated marking plasma power
Plasma Power Hypertherm
Cutting length precision ±1.5mm
Cutting graphics According to the drawing
Control 10 axes X axis:No.1 cutting torch movement left and right
Y1 axis: No.1 cutting torch movement forward and back
Y2 axis: No.1 cutting torch movement forward and back
Z axis: No.1 cutting torch up and down
U axis: External pipe axial horizontal feed axis
V axis: No.1 cutting torch rotation axis
W axis: Clamp up and down
A axis: No.2 cutting torch movement forward and back
B1 axis: No.2 cutting torch movement left and right
B2 axis: No.2 cutting torch movement left and right
C axis: No.2 cutting torch up and down
Marking speed 10~4000mm/min
Moving speed 10~9000mm/min
Maximum weight 3500Kg
Marking form of parts Welding line, component number, value and letter marking


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