Hydraulic Press Brake

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bending machine, press brake, sheet metal bender, Hydraulic Press Brake

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Hydraulic Press Brake

Bending machine, press brake, sheet metal bender, Hydraulic Press Brake


1. Whole-welded structure, vibration to eliminate stress, with high strength and good rigidity.
2. Mechanical stop. steel torsion bar to maintain synchronization, high precision.
3. electrical control, Manual fine-tuning of back gauge and slide stroke, numerical display.
4. Deflection compensation unit installed on the top die. compensation unit for lower die is adopted for the machine which is above 250tons 4000mm length.

Deflection compensation:

This machine uses hydraulic or mechanical deflection compensation to obtain a uniform and uniform workpiece over the entire length of the table. The hydraulic deflection compensation consists of a set of cylinders installed in the lower table, which can make the table move relative to each other, forming an ideal curve with convexity, and ensuring the relative positional relationship with the slider after the force is applied. The compensation amount is automatically calculated and determined by the numerical control system according to the thickness of the plate, the opening of the mold and the material properties.


The main machine adopts WC67Y series bending machine.
It is equipped with a special CNC system for bending machines produced by DELEM.
The back gauge (X) and the slider stroke (Y) are automatically controlled by the computer.
The back gauge adopt ordinary screw and precision ball screw.

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