Metal Sheet Press Brake

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bending machine, press brake, sheet metal bender, Metal Sheet press brake

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Metal Sheet Press Brake

bending machine, press brake, sheet metal bender, Metal Sheet press brake

1. The sheet metal folding machine is a newly developed bending product with high bending precision, high speed and accuracy.
2. CNC numerical control system, all steel welded structure, vibration to eliminate stress, machine strength, rigidity.
3. Hydraulic transmission, stable and reliable.
4. Widely used in various metal processing companies, automobiles, aircraft, posts and telecommunications, decoration and other industries for various sheet bending processing.

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1. Professional research and development department. Technical personnel have rich experience in the industry.
2. Our company strictly abide by the delivery date. After delivery, installation and commissioning will proceed according to both sides' agreements. 1-2 years warranty.

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