Portable Gas Cutting Machine

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Portable Gas Cutting Machine,Gas Cutting Machine

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Portable Gas Cutting Machine

1. Features of machine

This machine is equipped with a single cone speed changer (mechanical non‐stage speed changer)to materialize substantial compactness and lightweight based on the double cone speed changer that has  n successfully used in KW1400153, The improved transportability and operability will surely contribute to rationalization and labor‐saving of cutting operation.

2. Technical Parameters

1. Weight: 7.5kg
2.One torch with body: 10kg
3.Two torch with body: 14kg
4. Machine size: 350×140×175mm
5.Wheel distance: 160mm
6.Power source: ±10%
7.Reduction gear: Single cone system
8. Cutting edge sharp: I、V (45°)
9.Cutting thickness: 6~100mm( by standard accessories)
10.Moter: 1500r.p.m

3. Cutting and piercing method

①. Cut in from the end of steel plate.
②. Pierce steel plate before cutting.
③. Drill a hole before cutting.

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