H-Beam Automatic Assembly Machine

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welding equipment, H beam production line, H-beam automatic assembly machine

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H-beam automatic assembly machine

welding equipment, H beam production line, H-beam automatic assembly machine

This H beam assembling machine can produce H beam with larger size according to customers’ requirement, the maximum size of web height can reach 3 meter. It is equipped with auxiliary supporting device for large web.
H beam assembly machine is typical flange plate single-side manual positioning, the other side is hydraulic automatic clamping, it can adapt to various cross-section shape H beam, for asymmetric H beam, the assembly process is also the same as ordinary H beam, no need to change parts. And the positioning accuracy is stable, no need to adjust frequently.
The basic components of H beam assembly machine are as follows: assembly machine main engine, conveyor raceway, auxiliary centering device, hydraulic system, electrical system, five major components.

Technical parameters

Item Parameter
Web height 200-2000mm
Web thickness 8-50mm
Flange width 200-1000mm
Flange thickness 8-60mm
Workpiece length 2000-15000mm
Maximum height of equipment ≤5000mm
Single workpiece weight 15t
Assembly speed 500-6000mm/min ( Adjustable)
Centering mode Hydraulic and manual combination control (It is possible to assembly  H beam web that is off-center)
Control model Frequency converter stepless speed regulation
Spot welding form Manual / Auto

 1.The automatic centering of flange and web adopts hydraulic motor and gear, with high centering precision and good retentivity. All of the operation are centralized on the electric control button panel, with easy and convenientoperation and precise positioning.
2.The main transmission part adopts cycloid pinwheel and Taiwan TAIAN brand inverter, the assembly speed can be adjusted between 0.5—6 M/min.
3.The main components of this machine are welded structure parts with large strength and light weight and the key components have been stress relieved, which don’t deform easily.


1. The lifting is convenient and reliable, when the specification of the steel is changed, there is almost no adjustment; the second is that the pressure is uniform and uniform, when the beam is formed into a uniform section, the hydraulic cylinder expands and contracts, and the pressing force is almost unchanged.
2.The active raceway power output end of KRHGS-2000 assemble machine is connected to the main reducer. When the main engine is actively rolling, the transport roller is driven to rotate together to avoid mutual influence due to the difference in line speed.
3.H beam heavy-duty automatic assembly machine is easy to use, durable, easy to operate and maintain.

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1.One years warranty: free maintenance throughout service time. And in warranty if spare parts are broken, maintenance or change new parts are free.
2.Free technical support through Email, chat-online tools, Teamviewer and telephone. Especially the Teamviewer, which is our remote assistance application can make our engineer help solve your problem directly on your computer through this remote tool.
3. Provide training and installation on site if required.

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