H Beam Automatic Welding Machine

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H beam welding machine

Brief Introduction

H beam welding machine is special equipment used for H-beam welding. The main structure of the gantry type welding machine is welded by a rectangular steel pipe, which is characterized by light weight, good rigidity and beautiful appearance.

Technical parameters

Item Parameter
H beam web height 200-1800mm
H beam web width 200-800mm
workpiece length 2000-15000mm
Maximum equipment height ≤2950mm
Rail spacing                       5000mm
Rail length 18m*2
Drive mode Bilateral drive
Guide arc stand Mechanical control
Longitudinal cable walking Pulley walking

1. The main transmission is drived by a cycloid motor with a turbine gear, adopts AC frequency converter to control the drive with stable speed. Line Speed is in digital display with good reliability.
2. It has a mechanical tracking arc guide mechanism, which rotates to the left and right for floating tracking to ensure that the welding torch is accurately aligned with the weld.
3. The submerged arc welding power supply is set on the gantry to move with the vehicle, so that the welding machine control cable and the welding cable are short. Therefore, the feedback performance is good, the response speed is fast, the voltage drop is small, and the welding current is accurate and stable.
4. The welding control and the trolley control are integrated and controlled, and the operation is convenient and reliable.


1)The walking system of h beam welding machine adopts bilateral drive frequency control, which makes the welding process stable and reliable, and the welding speed adjustment is convenient and smooth.
2) The gantry frame structure is simple and good steel performance.
3) The arc guiding mechanism can accurately track the position of the weld and ensure the welding quality.
4) The arc guiding mechanism can realize the back-and-forth welding function. After the welding seam is welded in the forward direction, the reverse welding can be performed by rotating the arc guiding frame 180 degrees.
5) The beam welding machine recovery system can automatically transport and recover the flux to the weld in time, which facilitates timely observation of the seam welding process and eliminates the trouble of manually cleaning the flux.


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