Hydraulic H beam straightening machine

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Hydraulic H beam straightening machine

Brief Introduction

H beam straightening machine is mainly used to straighting the deformation of flange of the H-beam after welding. The straighting adopts hydraulic pressure type. The main drive adopts 18.5kw motor and cycloidal pinwheel reducer transmission, which has high transmission efficiency and fast straighting speed. The output torque is large and the operation is stable. All the correction rolls are made of high-quality alloy steel and advanced heat treatment to avoid the defects of cracks in the parts.

Hydraulic H beam straightening machine is a device specially used to correct the deformation of the flange plate after welding H beam. Adjust the distance between the pressure roller and the transmission roller on the straightening machine (the distance value must be determined according to the thickness of the flange plate and the degree of angular deformation of the worker), and the H-shaped steel will be driven between the three rollers by the transmission roller to make the wing plate Reverse-angle deformation has occurred, and the distance between the upper and lower rollers is adjusted according to the degree of deformation of the H-beam to achieve the best deformation effect. The H-beam has just reached the welded I-beam or H-beam. During the heating process, due to the lateral shrinkage of the weld metal, the flange plate was angularly deformed. Flange straightening machine is a special equipment for correcting the angular deformation of the beam flange after welding.

Technical parameters

Item Parameter
H beam web height 200-2000mm
H beam web width 8-42mm
Flange width 200-800mm
Flange thickness 6-60mm
Workpiece length 2000-15000mm
Single workpiece weight ≤10t
Straighten speed 4.8m/min
Hydraulic system pressure 15MP
Total power supply 30kw
Equipment Advantage

1.The mainframe is integral frame structure with stress relief, it is processed and shaped in one step by CNC floor type boring and milling machine, with the advantages of compact structure, 
strong strength and enough rigidity.
2.The main cylinder adopts high quality sealing ring with good sealing performance, which can ensure long service time. There’s fine filter equipped on the pump station which can ensure electromagnetic valve is more reliable for long-term use.
3.There’s dial for all the adjusting motion which can ensure convenience and accuracy.
4.The straightening roller adopts shaft box structure, so it have big loading capacity. There have hydraulic cylinder in shaft box, it can adjust the distance of two upper straightening rollers, which is stable and reliable.

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