H beam cnc assembling welding straightening machine

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3 in 1 H beam cnc assembling welding straightening machine

Brief Introduction

3 in 1 H beam fabrication machine is a highly efficient equipment for manufacturing welding-structure H-beam, which can finish job of assembling, welding and straightening the flange plate and web plate of H beam.This equipment has the merit of compact appearance while integrating the function of assembly、welding and straightening,so as to leaving out transfer of workpiece among different process, which is a cost-efficient equipment of good technology.


Technical parameters


Item Parameter
Suitable for H Beam
Flange width 200-800mm
Flange thickness 6-60mm
Web height                                                                                                                                       200-1800mm
Web thickness 6-50mm
H beam length 2000-12000mm
Welding Form Double Wire Fillet Welding
Welding speed 100-1200mm (adjustable)



1.Front end pre-positioning device
2. Host part:
a. Assembly part: the main drive roller power components, upper frame pressing device, the web clamping device, the flange clamping device, the hydraulic alignment device and so on.
b. Welding part: Double wire welding torch up and down, left and right adjustment mechanism, welding gun tilt tracking mechanism, welding gun clamping mechanism, automatic flux recovery and conveying integrated machine, double wire double arc submerged arc welding machine, etc.
c. Flange straightening part: straightening auxiliary drive supporting wheel mechanism, left and right flange plate clamping mechanism
3.Output roller
4. CNC electrical control section
5.Hydraulic system and other components


1. High efficiency:
- assembly, welding and straightening at the same time.
- It working speed 1.2-1.6m/min, traditional speed 600-800mm
- It can welding two seams once, while traditional only can welding one seam once.
2. Low cost ,1/3 price of the traditional beam production line.
3. Saving 2/3 of the workspace.
4. Only need 1-2 workers to operate, save labor.


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