Self Aligning Welding Rotator

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Welding Rollers,welding rotator,Self aligning Welding Rotator

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Self Aligning Welding Rotator

Welding Rollers,welding rotator,Self aligning Welding Rotator

Self aligning welding rotator is developed according to requirements of many boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers. It is widely used for welding metal cylinder. It is a special equipment needed for the manufacture of boiler and pressure vessel. It has the advantages of advanced technology, reliable quality and easy operation.


Model Load capacity   (T) Center distance (mm) Roller diameter  (mm) Roller width (mm) Workpiece diameter (mm)
ZT-5 5 1030 250 120 300-2500
ZT-10 10 1070 300 170 300-3000
ZT-20 20 1180 300 200 400-3500
ZT-30 30 1270 300 200 400-3800
ZT-40 40 1600 400 200 450-4500
ZT-60 60 1850 425 220 750-5500
ZT-80 80 1950 425 240 900-5800
ZT-100 100 2200 500 220 900-6500


1.   The standard self-aligning welding rotator is made up of an active frame and a driven frame, which can also be customized as one active and several driven frames according to the requirements of the user. It is easy to use and adaptable.
2.   According to the diameter of the work piece, the swing angle of the roller set can be automatically adjusted without manual adjustment.
3.    Four wheels of the driving frame are all driven by gear meshing to realize the four wheel drive.
4.    The groove type steel core rubber surface roller has great friction, long life and strong bearing capacity.
5.   It adopts AC inverter stepless speed regulation, with high starting torque, wide speed range and smooth operation. It has multiple protection functions such as overpressure, overcurrent, overload and overheating.
6.    The starting, stopping, positive turning, reversing and speed regulating of the active roller frame are all operated on the remote control box.
7.   There is a linkage interface, which can be linked with the manipulator to form a welding center.


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